On-Hold Audio
Make a powerful first impression with callers for pennies a day.  On-Hold Music and Messaging is one of the most effective tactics to image your business, reassure customers and grow sales.
  • Grow sales with recorded promotional messages played seamlessly between songs.
  • Promote special sales, services, new products and events.
  • Impact caller mood with Audiogenex music on hold.
  • Reduce perceived wait time on hold.
  • Increase brand loyalty.
Audiogenex On-Hold Music Channel
Audiogenex is the world's first and only company to produce scientifically inspired instrumental background music for the business environment.  Every song is composed, arranged and produced with a goal to elevate mood, mask distractions and propel listeners into the commerce frame of mind.
Target Media Central is the exclusive distributor of Audiogenex music in the United States.
Listen to a sample of the On-Hold music channel featuring 100% Audiogenex music.

On-Hold Promotional Messaging
Our music on-hold playlist features the same messaging and scheduling capabilities of our in-store music service.  You can easily record and upload your own messages in MP3 format that will play seamlessly between Audiogenex songs on-hold.  Rotate multiple messages and promote all aspects of your business such as:
  • Charitable affiliations
  • Community service
  • Featured products
  • Events and more
  • Special sales
Advanced Scheduling of Promotional Messages
Enjoy all the power of our advanced scheduling capabilities for in-store music and digital signage.
  • Easy drag and drop scheduling by week, day and time periods
  • Manage on-hold music and messaging from the cloud
  • Automated scheduling using start and end dates
  • Rotate different on-hold messages
  • Unlimited schedule changes

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