Southwestern Microsystems

Southwestern Microsystems, SWMS, is a technology company who designs and manufactures innovative commercial background music distribution equipment in the USA. Headquartered in Gilbert, AZ; Southwestern Microsystems is the leader in specialty music distribution systems used in salons and spas, medical offices, senior living facilities, etc. Our founding partners have more than 40 years of combined music distribution equipment expertise ensuring all our products are designed for years of problem free operation.

Our unique products include the ADS Model 8×10 Multiple Channel Music Distribution System that can distribute up to 8 independent channels of music to an unlimited number of locations. Additionally, the Universal Music Distribution System has a universal wireless remote to lower or mute any speaker in the system. This is perfect for areas which need to be Conversation Friendly™.

Today, much has changed in the way commercial background music is delivered, long gone are the tape & DVD machines replaced with internet based music players like TMC’s. These new devices are far superior as the media is easily updated by the customer via a web based portal, small footprint and solid state designs = no moving parts to generate noise and wear out.

Southwestern Microsystems and Target Media Central are strategic partners; as both companies supply what the other needs (Music + Distribution & Installation = A Complete Music System). This is a prefect relationship for the end customer as both companies work together for complete customer satisfaction!

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