About Target Media Central

In-Store Sales Solution

Target Media Central was formed several years ago to provide in-store merchandising solutions for retailers and the in-store media industry.  Target Media Central researched the needs of retailers and in-store media resellers to address declining retail sales due to fierce competition from internet sellers.  We compiled a long wish-list of functional capabilities suggested by resellers and retailers.  We then developed our in-store media platform from scratch utilizing state-of-the-art technology and software development to offer a powerful low-cost solution for resellers and retailers.

The goal is to empower retailers to drive higher sales through consistent cross-selling, up-selling and recycling of their existing in-store customer base.  We accomplish this through our superior in-store media service combining digital signage, music and promotional messaging in a simple and powerful system featuring an easy to use web-based control panel.


The founders have over 15 years experience creating in-store audio systems and producing quality in-store promotional content.  They pioneered the development of user-friendly Web dashboards and invented the Subway® Restaurant Radio concept – the first to let franchise owners manage their own music and promotional announcements via the Web.  They advanced the system’s features to make it possible for large national retail chains to manage complex sound zone arrangements.  This experience and expertise is a key component of the Target Media Central in-store media solution.

Dedicated to Resellers

Target Media Central is the only dedicated wholesale provider to resellers and the only in-store media wholesale service that offers private label media players and customized branding.  We offer private label branding for resellers as well as customized branding for the clients of our resellers.  We do not compete with our resellers and that is a commitment you will not find elsewhere.

Powerful and Simple Control

Target Media central redefines in-store media with our proprietary Burst Buffer™ approach to internet delivery. It is part of a superior solution that is easy to use, more powerful, flexible and reliable than traditional store-forward or streaming solutions.  Get our in-store digital signage and licensed background music and promotional message service reliably delivered through a single Target Media player.  You'll save big on start-up and operating costs.