Digital signage is the fastest and most cost effective method to increase store revenue.  Recycle, up-sell and cross-sell customers by promoting
featured products, special sales and store events.  Digital signage is promotional rocket fuel for your business when properly implemented.

Powerful Scheduling

The key to a successful digital signage strategy is found not just in the vitality of the imagery but how easy it is to manage and schedule the content.  Our scheduler lets you play your content automatically within specific date and time frames that you schedule.  You'll receive email reminders when your scheduled content is set to expire.  You can also reinforce your digital signage messages with recorded announcements played seamlessly between songs.

Digital signage and in-store music & messaging are all scheduled on the same control panel.  You can apply your schedule to one store or groups of stores.  The scheduling panel is intuitive with easy drag and drop scheduling.  You can rotate multiple images and videos by time periods daily, weekly or monthly.  Here is an example.

  1. Focus on one single message or thought for each image or video.
  2. Increase the frequency of customer visits by giving them a reason to come back tomorrow.
  3. Rotate various types of messages including tactical, strategic and institutional.
  4. Rotate tactical messages promoting sales and events that customers can take advantage of immediately.
  5. Rotate strategic messages.  Highlight what makes your business or product better than competitors.
  6. Rotate institutional messages.  Promote your company commitment to quality, service and community.
  1. Avoid cluttering your message with time, weather, sports scores, news feeds and other non-productive information.
  2. Avoid cluttering your digital signage messages with more than one thought.
  3. Avoid promoting sales and events too far in advance.
  4. Avoid confusing your customers with advertisements for other businesses.