Target Media Central Solves Industry Needs

Target Media Central compiled a long wish-list of functional capabilities suggested by resellers and retailers.  We then developed our in-store media platform from scratch utilizing state-of-the-art technology and software development to offer a powerful low-cost solution for resellers and retailers.  Manage digital signage, music and messaging through a single login to a web control panel that can be easily customized around your needs.

Target Media Central redefines in-store media with our proprietary Burst Buffer™ approach to internet delivery.  It is a superior solution that is easy to use, more powerful, flexible and reliable than traditional store-forward or streaming solutions.  Get all of our in-store media services reliably delivered through a single Target Media player and save big on start-up and operating costs.

21 Reasons Target Media Central is the Smartest Solution for In-Store Media

5 Largest In-Store Media Providers

  1. Dedicated to resellers Yes No
  2. Lowest wholesale price guarantee Yes No
  3. Does not compete with resellers Yes No
  4. Customized branding for resellers Yes No
  5. Customized branding for reseller's clients Yes No
  6. One player combines music, messaging and digital signage Yes No
  7. Optional Audiogenex instrumental music channels Yes No
  8. Single login for music, messaging and digital signage Yes No
  9. Use standard HD televisions for digital signage Yes No
10. Intuitive drag and drop day-parted music scheduling Yes No
11. Intuitive drag and drop automated message scheduling Yes No
12. Intuitive drag and drop day-parted digital signage scheduling Yes No
13. Intuitive drag and drop day-parted holiday music date stamping Yes No
14. Intuitive drag and drop date range scheduling of audio messages Yes No
15. Date range scheduling of digital signage Yes No
16. Rotate audio messages by time interval Yes No
17. Rotate digital signage by time interval Yes No
18. Easy multi-store and multi-zone management by groups and subgroups Yes No
19. Create groups and subgroups of stores by any criteria Yes No
20. Customizable admin area tools and reporting for resellers Yes No
21. One control panel combines music, messaging and signage Yes No

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