How It Works

Manage in-store digital signage, music and promotional messages from the cloud with a single login.
Connect the Target Media Central player to the store's sound system and control all of your in-store media the easy way:


Select Music

Choose the right music for your store from our extensive list of curated music channels.  Schedule channel changes by time and days of the week.


Insert Messaging

Upload your in-store audio messaging and digital signage images and videos.  Drag & drop to schedule by time of day and over specific date ranges to match your marketing needs.


Create Groups

The easiest way to manage one or thousands of locations.  Assign stores to groups by region or any other criteria.  Schedule multiple stores by groups, subgroups or any array of media zones you create.


Propel Sales

In-store me$$aging is the most powerful method to up-sell and recycle customers.  Promote your products and brand to store customers using theater-of-the-mind visual imagery.   Videos and pictures bring your in-store promotional messages to life.

Specially Sequenced Licensed Music Your Customers Will Love

We make in-store media simple and cost effective.  One low monthly subscription fee covers everything including music license fees.
Target Media Central pays public performance music royalty fees to cover each location and takes care of mandated playlist reporting.
All music channels are scheduled using sophisticated software.  Songs are sequenced based on mood, energy, era, tempo and other criteria.
A brand new music schedule and unique sequence is created for every single day.  Play history for each song is
considered so that songs are played during different time periods and days before repeating.


Leverage Target Media Central's multi-million dollar platform to accelerate your business growth


The most advanced and affordable in-store merchandising solution.


Optional Features

  • (Optional) Customized branding of web control panel interfaces with your logo.
  • (Optional) Customized music channel playlists created specifically for your business.
  • (Optional) Audiogenex®, the Music of Sound Science® - Instrumental music channels for high value transaction establishments.

Client Testimonials

  • E. M. Weiss Director of Marketing and Advertising
    They are stem to stern the single best digital radio company that handles all the headaches of design, components and support. I would recommend them to any franchise that is looking to standardize their in store music packages. Simple and sophisticated at the same time, easy to customize to any store environment.
    E. M. Weiss Director of Marketing and Advertising
    Josie's Frozen Yogurt
  • Jennifer Lee
    Vestibulum commodo volutpat a, convallis ac, laoreet enim. Phasellus fermentum in, dolor. Pellentesque facilisis. Nulla imperdiet sit amet magna.
    Jennifer Lee
  • Im Yoona
    특별한 기적을 기다리지 마 눈앞에선 우리의 거친 길은
    Im Yoona
    Girls' Generation

Lowest Start-Up Costs

Save hundreds per store!  Music, Messaging and Digital Signage from a single Target Media Central unified player.  Save even more on digital signage because our player works with low cost off-the-shelf HD TVs.  Say goodbye to expensive proprietary video display monitors.
Target Media Central's Burst-BufferTM multi-media system saves you money and bandwidth.  Our high security multi-media player functions reliably 24/7.  All in-store media updates nightly and plays off-line to avoid internet skips while we monitor playback in real-time.

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